A Great Big


From the Tribe of Twel

as we welcome our 2019 sponsors.


Digicel, 1st National Bank, Bounty Rum, KFC,

Landmark Events Ltd, Dilly's Supersaver, 

Piton BeerCrystal Clear Saint Lucia,

Windward & Leeward Brewery,

Du Boulay's Bottling Company, Climax Saint Lucia, Aeropost, Vybe Radio

vybe radio.jpg
1st national.jpg

            In addition to our 2019 Sponsors,

The Kingdom of Twel would like to thank:

Our Mas Camp workers;
Ms Jinette - Chief of Surgery;
The Costume Collective - JARS (Joseph, Adrian, Reece & Shane);
Our Painters - Lyn Bristol & Kimworth Williams & June Frederick;
Our Music people: Shortman and his crew, Angus

All of our Amazing Drivers; Anthony Belizaire and Southshore Trucking;
Our Servers - we are ever grateful for 1st class service on the road;

Courts: for our costume van;

Our Amazing, Classy and Chic Revellers - Thank you for buying into our motto of making your own mas


And finally to all of our well-wishers and everyone else who helped us to get to where we are.