About Us

Behold… the TRIBE of TWEL


SINCE being formed in 2015, Tribe of Twel has proven to be a dominant force in the Carnival fray. ‘Twel’, the creole word for ‘cloth’, was borne out of unflattering comments made by many who often complained that Rituals Carnival Band used ‘twop twel’ (too much cloth) to make their costumes. It turns out that:

  • TWEL is... cut from a different cloth among carnival bands in more ways than one

  • TWEL is… a revival of the lost art of making your own Mas

  • TWEL is… a new carnival movement dedicated to individual and collective creativity

  • TWEL is… for people who like to make the Mas they play and play the Mas they make

  • TWEL is… an opportunity to rediscover and release your creative self

  • TWEL is… a cooperative carnival band with ownership by members and for members

  • TWEL is… a carnival collaboration uniting talents from Rituals, St. Lucian Spirit and XS Energy


So, What To Do Next…

  • Feel the SPIRIT … Share the ENERGY

  • Register and pay your fee (EC$600.00)

  • Choose something you like … Choose something that like you

  • We will tell you where to buy materials and supplies…

  • Get going… Get help… Make your Mas and Come


We enjoy input and output … We celebrate process and product… We explore … We create …  We love what we do



Eager to LEARN …willing to SHARE … ready to LEAD



MAS’ comes THROUGH us not just TO us.



to REVEL creatively and responsibly … to play MEANINGFUL MAS … to INSPIRE others … to MAKE the MAS we PLAY and PLAY the MAS we make.



Be Inspired

Love the Colors

Choose a Section

Imagine your Costume

Check your BFFs

Visit the Mas Camp

Ask for Help

Get your Costume and Accessories

Play Yourself

Be one with the Tribe




Produced by Tribe of Twel

Designed by Adrian Augier

Kings and Queens by The Costume Collective

Music: DJ Shortman

Sound: Island Sounds

Graphics: The Concept Factory

Meet our Tribe Family
Papa Twel - Adrian Augier

'Papa Twel'

Mr. Adrian Augier

Meet our Crew

Twel family
Twel family
Twel family
Twel family
Twel family

Tribe Family Snippets

Our Chef / Cook

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Miss Bounty Rum 2018

Tember Cadette

The Making of

Kings and Queens